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The Top 10 Best Hunting Cameras of 2021 – Buying Guide

The hunting camera is more and more popular as a hobby accessory and not just among nature lovers. Although these special cameras were initially developed for research purposes to track down shy animals, more and more often they even catch even thieves and burglars and not just animals like the cute lord.

Plus, pet owners can get a glimpse into the lives of their four-legged friends while they are away, as soon as their master and mistress leave their nest.

Whether it is for counting wild animals, detecting particularly shy animals or recording the population density of wolves, wild boars, deer or monitoring the house and yard, the best hunting camera is not easy to find since there are so many devices on the market and their quality is uneven.

Whether you fall into the category of worried livestock owners or call yourself an enthusiastic forest land owner: With a well-placed hunting camera, you can finally document the hustle and bustle of the forest and satisfy your curiosity.

Best Hunting Camera : Coolife H881 Trail Game Camera 21MP 1080P

Coolife H881 Trail Camera

  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Field of View: 120 Degrees
  • Maximum Image Resolution: 21 MP
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • 3 PIR Sensors and 0.2S Trigger Speed
  • Free 32GB Card and Low Consumption

If the Coolife h881 hunting camera has been a huge success lately, it is not simple because it is very affordable, it is also because it is versatile and offers excellent performance and features. 

For us, this is the biggest competitor of the SECACAM Raptor from Decathlon and in terms of the quality of the images and video captures, it is well above other models in the same range. At TheRadicalHunter, we particularly liked the camera angle of 125° and the level of detail of its night vision and precisely, we come to it immediately.

The performance of the camera and its night vision:

These captures from the Coolife H881 hunting camera show the level of detail and the excellent quality of the video sequences. 
To enlarge the photo, click on the image

The Coolife H881 camera has many advantages, particularly with regard to the quality of the images provided by its CCD capture but also with its night vision. 

The camera is perfectly calibrated with regard to the UV spectrum and its IR spot powerful enough to offer a range of about 20m, it offers a service that does not disappoint. When you enable Full HD 1080p recording, the camera is able to capture good quality footage at 15 frames/second. If you go for 720p, it will be able to increase the frame rate and go to 30 frames per second. The video captures themselves are smooth and of good quality, what else?

A powerful and responsive motion sensor:

On this point, difficult to do better, or at least in this price range. The Coolife H881 hunting camera is indeed equipped with a very swift movement sensor, able to react in…. 0.4 seconds. Impressive! where the competition is content with a much higher release time of the order of 1 to 3 seconds, this mid-range model literally puts them, excuse me for the little, the mash!

We do not know all the details, but according to the manufacturer, this printing reaction time is due to their PIR technology, at the writing we think it is simply a more efficient processor than the medium, which seriously benefits this camera dedicated to wildlife observation and hunters. Another good point for this camera which does not lack assets to seduce.

Foolproof robustness:

The Coolife H881 camera is well protected in a very good quality polymer plastic case. The latter effectively protects against falls and is fully waterproof (to IP 54 standards) which gives it the possibility of being used without any problem in humid forests and in the rain without you having to worry about its proper functioning.

Be careful, however, you will not be able to film the carp at the bottom of the lake, but this is more than enough for regular use.

Editor’s Opinion:

The Coolife H881 hunting camera is one of the good surprises of 2021, it is affordable and efficient, it has many advantages that tip the scales in its favour, or in any case in its mid-range category where it exceeds the competition and a safe bet if you don’t need a 3G / 4G connection.

SECACAM Raptor Full HD 52 Degree Trail Camera | Surveillance Camera

SECACAM Raptor Trail Camera

  • Resolution: 5 MP standard, 8 and 12 MP interpolated
  • Videos: Full HD 1920 x 1080 with sound
  • Reaction time: 0.4 sec
  • 56 black LEDs, invisible at 940 nm
  • Range: about 15 m
  • Memory: SD / SDHC up to 32 GB
  • Weather resistance: Yes(IP54)
  • Display: 2-inch colour screen

Secacam Raptor Full HD wildlife is the animal camera you want. The model comes from the manufacturer who also launched the Homevista and the Wild-Vision on the market. Both of these models were convincing in their full lineup and stood out visibly from the many other photo traps available on the market – just like SecaCam’s Raptor. What sets the Raptor apart from the HomeVista, the peculiarities and everything there is to know about this wild camera.

Unlike camera traps equipped with a wide-angle lens, the Raptor works with a 52 ° shooting angle. This means that a smaller area is being watched, but you can see a lot more detail. Therefore, the Raptor is particularly well suited to identify the game very effectively. Using innovative technology, the wildlife surveillance camera provides clear and interesting images even at night, where no detail is hidden.

However, if you prefer to cover a larger area, for example, to secure your property, SecaCam’s Homevista, the Raptor’s sister model, is a little better suited. The reason is that people (burglars, thieves…) can often be completely detected thanks to the wide-angle optics. 

BOLYGUARD LY54-K24M 4G Hunting Camera

BOLYGUARD Trail camera

  • GSM module: Yes (4G)
  • Video resolution: 24 MP
  • Viewing angle: 57 degree
  • IR: LED (invisible to the eye)
  • IR illumination distance: 20m.
  • TFT screen: 2.0 Memory: SD card (8MB ~ 128GB) (not included)
  • Video resolution: 1080P
  • PIR sensitivity distance: 20m.
  • Actual trigger time: 1-2 seconds Film length: 10 – 90 sec.

As a cellular 4G camera, this device works when you insert a SIM card. Suitable for supporting various 4G, 3G or 2G networks, this camera can directly transmit the videos and photos you have taken by MMS or Email.

It is a day and night camera suitable for outdoor use. The 24 megapixel camera will guarantee perfect quality of videos or photos. The camera captures motion photos and sends them by specified E-Mail or MMS. The camera can be controlled remotely via a phone application (change of time, interval, self-timer, send photo, etc.).

It is completely mobile, requiring no additional power source.

This camera is for tracking, hunting, for monitoring animals or events. It also functions as a security camera for the home, office and other objects. Watch for low traffic family properties. For any other indoor / outdoor surveillance where proof of burglary is required. 

COOLIFE 16MP 1080P HD Hunting Camera

Coolife Trail Game Camera

  • 16MP 1080P HD
  • Trail Camera with 125 ° Wide
  • Angle Night Vision up to 82ft / 25m
  • Hunting Game Camera with 3 Zone
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Trail Surveillance with 32G SD Card

A hunting camera of formidable efficiency. It would seem from the study of its characteristics that nothing can escape it. To do this, it is equipped with 3 sensors each having a detection angle of 60 °, with a trigger speed that varies between 0.2 and 0.6 seconds.

The camera is equipped with a flash with a range of 20 meters and this gives it excellent night image quality. A flash powered by its diodes, supposed to scare as little as possible the animals it surprises. The device itself detects the change from day to night.

Its photos offer an image quality of 16 megapixels, and it is capable of producing videos having a rating of 1080 pixels for a speed of 25 frames per second. Note that it has a microphone to add sound to the video image.

The settings are made on a 2.4-inch screen allowing fairly easy navigation in an intuitive menu. Its autonomy is enhanced by putting it into standby mode as long as no movement is perceptible. In this way it can operate for a period of up to 8 months.

Its robustness is guaranteed by its stainless steel shell, waterproof and dust-proof. Its photo and video captures are saved on an SD card with a capacity of 32 GB (supplied), and it is equipped with a USB 2.0 port and a PC interface. 

TOGUARD Trail Camera 20MP 1080P Game Cameras with Night Vision


  • 20 MP Night vision
  • 2.4 inch screen
  • 1080p resolution
  • USB connection
  • IP56 Waterproof

The trail camera with high resolution captures clear 20MP images and FHD 1080P videos with clear sound recording, daytime (color) and nighttime (black and white), giving you excellent operation and viewing experience. You show a more alive world of flora and fauna.

It has a 0.3S rapid trigger Super Speed ​​system with 3 PIR sensors and a wide angle of 130 °. The hunting camera with 3 sensitive passive infrared sensors will be triggered instantly in 0.3s with no delay when detecting movements. And the 130 ° wide-angle lens offers greater detection range. Every detected movement will be captured quickly and accurately.

With its IP56 waterproof, this protective case can protect from rain, dust and drops, so that this trail camera can work in any weather. The PCS series low-light infrared LEDs emit a light that is far too weak to scare animals.

Suitable for hunting, but also home security, property watch, surveillance, wildlife spotting, and farm security. In addition, it is very easy to install thanks to the fixing strap or the mounting plate.

Victure Trail Game Camera 20MP 1080P Full HD with Night Vision

Victure Trail Camera

  • 20 MP Vision
  • 0.3s trigger speed
  • 1080p resolution
  • 3 shooting modes
  • IP66 Waterproof

The trail camera with high resolution captures clear 20MP images and FHD 1080P videos with clear sound recording, daytime (color) and nighttime (black and white), giving you excellent operation and viewing experience. You show a more alive world of flora and fauna.

It has a 0.3S rapid trigger Super Speed ​​system with 3 PIR sensors and a wide angle of 130 °. The hunting camera with 3 sensitive passive infrared sensors will be triggered instantly in 0.3s with no delay when detecting movements. And the 130 ° wide-angle lens offers greater detection range. Every detected movement will be captured quickly and accurately.

With its IP56 waterproof, this protective case can protect from rain, dust and drops, so that this trail camera can work in any weather. The PCS series low-light infrared LEDs emit a light that is far too weak to scare animals.

Suitable for hunting, but also home security, property watch, surveillance, wildlife spotting, and farm security. In addition, it is very easy to install thanks to the fixing strap or the mounting plate.

DIGITNOW! Trail Camera 16MP 1080P

DIGITNOW! Trail Camera

  • 16 MP Vision
  • 0.3s trigger speed
  • 1080p resolution
  • Waterproof
  • 130° of detection
  • Trigger distance: 20m.
  • Equipped with 42 LEDs

The Track Camera captures crystal-clear 16MP images and 1080P Full HD video. In color by day, in black and white by night. It takes up to 9 photos per detection. Equipped with a Micro SD card up to 32 GB. The trigger speed is 0.3s, and once the movements are detected, the hunting camera is triggered instantly. You will never miss any existing moment, even at night. The distance can reach 25 meters. It has a high sensitivity camera with night vision and 3 PIR sensors with breathtaking motion recognition. Equipped with 42 infrared LEDs without brilliant flash that allow you to capture any moment of day or night.

The camera has a wide angle of 120 ° and a very robust waterproof device which allows it to obtain an excellent overview. It records all the movements you want even in rainy weather.

It is a user-friendly device that is easy to use and assemble, its use is not limited to hunting it can be used as property or grazing surveillance, spotting wildlife and farm security.

APEMAN Trail Camera 30MP 4K Hunting Camera 

APEMAN 4K Hunting Camera

  • 16 MP Vision
  • 0.3s trigger speed
  • 1080p resolution
  • Waterproof
  • 130° of detection
  • Trigger distance: 20m.
  • Equipped with 42 LEDs

With this new Apeman model, it’s all about “anything you can do, I can do it better” as it looks like they tried to outdo all of their closest competitors, on the one hand it doubled down its capacity of 30 megapixels which is a feat because these photos are among the clearest on the market, in day mode and in IR night mode. The level of detail in the images is simply amazing, even when compared to the excellent 20 megapixel photos taken by other wildlife cameras.

Moreover, it can capture videos in 4K quality which is amazing once you transfer them to your computer from Sd / SDHC card for proper viewing. Capable of supporting storage cards up to 32 GB, it should allow you to take plenty of shots.

Think your trail camera is durable?

Well, this one comes with a 60mm thick waterproof case and can be used both in extreme cold (-20 ° C) as well as on hottest days (+ 40 ° C). So you never have to worry about weather conditions that might affect your ability to take photos and videos.

Then again, this case has a slight dampening effect, but there is no need to worry unless your main reason for buying is to hear the morning bird song. as detailed as possible.

With a blazing-fast 0.2 second shutter speed and excellent sensors, you can be sure you won’t miss any of the action when you’re not there in person. You won’t miss any nighttime opportunities either. This Apeman Wildlife Camera is equipped with 40 low-light infrared LEDs to help you get as clear pictures and photos as possible in the dark. Even nighttime video footage captured a few feet away is surprisingly smooth and clear, and compared to models from only a year or two ago, they are, pardon the pun. Like day and night.

There is also no need to set the camera for separate day / night functions, the H70 will detect light and adjust automatically, and this is just a small example of how easy this is to use. wildlife surveillance camera. 

Victure Trail Game Camera 1080P 12MP Wildlife Camera 

Victure Trail Camera

  • 12 MP resolution
  • 0.5s trigger speed
  • 1080p resolution
  • Trigger distance 20 meters

Victure Trail Game Camera is a wildlife surveillance camera with PIR sensor. The sensor can detect sudden changes in ambient temperature in a detection area. The trail camera can be used to find animals, record moving objects, or even monitor the safety of offices, families and the public.

The trail camera provides clear images and 1080p HD videos. The trigger distance can reach up to 20 meters, with an impressive 0.5 second trigger time, and real-time detection recording of every action ensures you don’t miss an M at that moment. It is possible to take 3 photos of the exercise test.

The camera has a recording mode 5. These photos, videos, mixed mode, delay, motion detection. You can choose photos and videos, or you can also take photos and record videos in mixed mode.

If this feature is enabled, regardless of whether the IRP has been detected and no motion has been recorded, images or videos are automatically recorded at predetermined intervals. It can be used to detect flowering and cold blooded animals.

The device can operate at extreme temperatures of up to -20° in winter to 35° in summer.

Victure Trail Game Camera is a wildlife surveillance camera with PIR sensor. The sensor can detect sudden changes in ambient temperature in a detection area. The trail camera can be used to find animals, record moving objects, or even monitor the safety of offices, families and the public.

Campark WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera 20MP 1296P

Campark Trail Camera

  • 20 MP resolution
  • 0.3s trigger speed
  • 1296p resolution
  • 36 infrared LEDs
  • Trigger distance 20 meters
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Mini USB connection
  • 2.3-inch color LCD display

You can now capture the images and store them on your phone or tablet. It is the wonderful trail camera with Wi-Fi connection that allows you to move photos between two devices. Moreover, it can record 1296p video with clear sound. With its fast trigger speed, you can easily capture any special moment.

Besides, this camera contains anti-rust and waterproof materials. You can use this camera for hunting, home security, and nature photography. Also, you can use a tripod and strap to secure this device during family trips and picnics. It is one of the best gifts for birthdays and holidays. In addition, this camera is lightweight and can be taken anywhere. 

A wildlife camera, also known as a photo trap or camera trap, is ideal for you if you want to observe forest animals such as foxes, deer, and wild boars in their natural habitat. Such a camera is equipped with a motion detector. It detects movement in a certain area and then triggers the camera. In general, a wildlife camera can take photos and videos. However, it is not only used for observing forest animals. 

Reconyx MicroFire WiFi Enabled Security Camera (MS8)

Reconyx MS8 Camera

  • Wifi Image transfer up to 30 m
  • No hidden infrared lighting
  • Infrared illumination up to 15 meters
  • 0.2 s Response time
  • Movement detector
  • 3.0-megapixel image resolution
  • 720P HD Video with Audio
  • 5-year warranty
  • Memory card capacity: up to 512 GB

The revolutionary new cylindrical design, Compact, fast and durable, the weatherproof MS 8 Microfiber can connect to your wifi network and is therefore able to transmit photos to your email address, anywhere in the world.

With easy assembly, the profile of the MS8 Microfire is only 5 cm in diameter and 13 cm long. No strap or bungee cord to indicate the location of your camera. Just use the included universal camera mount and point it in any direction.

The capture speed is unbelievable with its RapidFire ™ Near-Video Speed ​​system, it gives you 2 frames per second and a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds, with a resolution of 3.0 megapixels and 720p HD video with audio.

The MS8 offers motion sensor programming, multiple interval programming options, and loop recording.

Reconyx has redesigned the way the user interacts with the camera by removing all built-in buttons, switches and screens. All controls reside securely on your smartphone or tablet via a free mobile app for Android or iOS devices (some restrictions apply). You can check Camera status, change programming options and download images and videos wirelessly up to 30 meters away

What is the best hunting camera?

It will be understood that the hunting camera can also be used in the protection of your home as well as for the surveillance of a garden or a hunting area. 

Only to choose the best hunting camera you have to dwell on the technical characteristics which can be very different depending on the model. We will therefore try to decipher the criteria to be taken into account in order to have a functional and efficient hunting camera.

The winner of a trail camera review doesn’t have to be the most suitable model for you. It depends on a lot of other things, especially regarding your requirements. Maybe you need a wildlife hunting camera with WLAN, maybe you want to choose a model that has good test reports, or you are looking for a cheap model to start. Such considerations are necessary beforehand. But you should pay special attention to the following criteria.

What buying criteria to choose the best hunting camera?

 Having an automatic camera to photograph in the middle of the night or in daylight requires specificities worthy of spy films. From the infrared camera to the detection sensor, you should be careful in choosing the model. We’ve put together a list of criteria that can help you find the best trail camera.

  • The camera sensor
  • The power of infrared
  • The built-in flash
  • Photo quality
  • Video quality
  • Product quality
  • Device autonomy
  • Detection angle
  • Trigger speed
  • The connection
  • Storage
  • The brand and the price

Further areas of application are, for example, the monitoring of objects or properties. In addition, many wildlife hunting cameras allow you to make real-time recordings.

In our research, we present to you the 10 best-hunting cameras in order to give you an opinion on their characteristics, which will allow you to understand the operation as well as the factors that play a role in the purchase of your camera. 

Hunting Cameras Buying Guide

The Scope

Many models have a maximum range between 20 and 25 meters. Keep in mind that cameras often only meet manufacturer specifications under ideal conditions. This means the light, weather and temperature conditions are great and you need to place the trail camera in the best possible position if you want to get the maximum range. Therefore, the actual range is often less than the specified maximum value.


Some observation cameras are equipped with the 4G system with a SIM card. A hunting camera is equipped with a SIM card and sends the images to your smartphone, tablet PC, laptop or computer as needed.

You can connect a trail camera with WLAN function to your private home network. The device then sends the recorded photos and videos wirelessly to your PC or smartphone.

The big drawback for both the 4G and WLAN option is that the reception is extremely poor in nature, especially in the woods.

Features and ease of use

Choosing a camera for hunting is one thing, you still have to opt for a model that offers features that meet our expectations and that these are easily accessible and configurable.

A well thought out interface greatly facilitates the settings of your photography trap for hunting and wildlife viewing.

On entry-level models, it’s difficult to be choosy because you can’t hide from it, the menus are rarely easily accessible and you will have to dive into the instructions for use if you want to be able to take full advantage of its various features, no matter how simple they are on paper and in the great world of theory. For this, we recommend that you choose a mid-range or even high-end model. 

Indeed, these models are generally provided with an LCD screen and have a simple and understandable interface. What could be nicer than arriving at an observation spot and being able to configure your hunting camera in just a few clicks? It is essential during your purchase to take this point into account (among others).

Regarding photo and video capture features, here is a quick overview of what most cameras offer:

  • Time Lapse: The time-lapse gives you the possibility of triggering at a regular interval (which you will have previously defined in the settings of your camera) a photo capture or a video sequence. Very practical, it allows you to fix on “the film” (memory card in this case) a summary of the day which will only last a few minutes.
  • MotionMotion capture is triggered, as the name suggests when your camera detects that an animal or person is passing in its field of view. The most advanced models allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the trigger and sometimes even define areas to ignore or privilege. Regarding the capture mode, you will be able to choose between capturing a single photo, several photos ( BURST mode ) or even a video capture.
  • Video Stream: This feature is reserved for models with a 3G / 4G connection (and very soon, 5G!), It allows you to retransmit in real-time to the screen of a computer or your smartphone, the images from your camera and also be able to save them to the cloud or other local storage. Some cameras even offer the possibility of sending you an SMS or an E-mail when movement is detected. Usually, they even know how to attach a scene preview to the message it sends you, just excellent!

This list of capture features is of course not exhaustive, there are an impressive number of them but it would be difficult to list them all in this article as the manufacturers use ingenuity to innovate in the field. On this point, each observation camera for hunting is different and it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best in terms of functionality.

Night vision

The biggest difference between black LED wildlife cameras and white LED cameras is the flash visibility. If you are using a device with black LEDs, you and other people will not see the flash firing. It is basically invisible to the naked eye. Devices equipped with white LEDs in turn produce visible light for humans. In return, the white LEDs provide a convincing solution by providing better illumination of the surroundings.

Image resolution

The image resolution is usually specified by manufacturers in megapixels. In most cases, it’s a good idea to choose a device with a photo resolution of at least 16 megapixels. 

The optimal image resolution depends in particular on the use you want to make of it. If you are using the device on your own land or in your home as a surveillance camera, a model with lower photo quality is often sufficient. The same is true if you are using the wildlife surveillance camera. 

If you want to use the photos further, it is best to look for a model with a higher image resolution. Besides image resolution, there are a few other factors that influence the quality of photos. This is why the hunting camera with the highest number of megapixels does not automatically represent the animal camera with the best image quality.

The detection system

It is a criterion which will determine the triggering capacity of the camera. Too tight an angle will only be relatively effective. Most devices have a sensor with an angle between 65 and 120 degrees. Note that the angle also has an impact on the detection distance. Thus a sensor with an angle of 90 ° will be able to capture a detection up to 15 meters. For example the Blaze video camera uses a sensor with an angle of 65 ° which can detect up to 20M /.

Battery Life

If you want to buy a trail camera, it is better to check the operation of the device in advance. Many outdoor wildlife surveillance cameras run on four or eight batteries. 

In general, it is necessary to change the batteries after a few weeks. The actual battery life depends on various factors. The durability of the batteries depends in particular on how often the motion detector detects movement and triggers the camera. It also depends on how many batteries you are using and what settings you have made. In addition to battery operation, some devices allow the use of an AC adapter. Another alternative to batteries is a solar panel. A solar-powered trail camera is usually equipped with a battery that is powered by the built-in solar panel or by the sun’s rays. 


Hunting cameras are vulnerable to bad weather and animals so their longevity can be shortened so it is better to opt for a waterproof camera with an ultra resistant box.  

Data backup and transfer

Last point of our Guide, data backup and transfer. On most models presented here, data is saved on an SD card type memory card. The latter has many advantages whether from a cost point of view, as reliability, provided you choose a model from a recognized brand. You can also on these models either transfer the data by extracting the SD card and reading it on your computer, or by directly connecting the camera via a USB cable usually provided. Be careful, however, the cameras do not yet use cables in USB-C format.

Other more efficient and modern cameras are able to transfer data wirelessly in Wifi to your computer or smartphone, for us it is a really excellent feature that greatly facilitates life. The other models with a 3G / 4G connection allow them to quietly retrieve images and video sequences from your desktop computer. No need to physically go to the location where your surveillance camera is located.

The brand and the price

It is not easy to find the best hunting camera especially as the ranges are large. Each manufacturer plays on details that are not easy to detect because the product is so sophisticated. A good barometer and already to trust the opinions of users. 

Trail cameras are a rare type of product because getting it right the first time is essential. You need to make sure that you have the right camera for the job at hand, in terms of all of its features. That’s why I looked at reaction time, picture quality, battery life, case resistance, and a host of other features. I also looked at the fact that some features require tradeoffs; remember that higher image quality leads to less storage space, and vice versa! 

The truth is, all of these brands of trail cameras have good value for money, but many of them are better suited for certain jobs or outdoor activities. You can’t just pick just any hunting camera, you might end up with a device that is good for plant monitoring but doesn’t do a good job of tracking the lightning-fast animal you’ve tried. to find ! If you are unsure which is the best choice, there are several strong and versatile cameras on the market with good quality that are easy to install if you are a beginner. 

With the expansion of new technologies, hunting cameras have experienced a strong improvement both on the technical side and on the design side. They can be used to observe flora and fauna and can also be used to monitor a territory. But the true vocation of a hunting camera is to closely follow the movements and behaviours of game, even at night. Professional hunters do not do without them because a hunting camera contributes to their success. If this is your first experience then you should definitely have one because your first capture will be one of the defining moments of your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

📷 Can you use a surveillance camera as a security camera?

A victim of its own success, the hunting camera was made primarily for hunters and observers of flora and fauna, and its usefulness extended to surveillance of property or farms.

📷 What is the difference between low light infrared cameras and low light infrared cameras?

The main difference between cameras with day / night option and infrared cameras is that the former can only see infrared light but cannot produce it, whereas the latter can. 

Therefore, in particularly dark scenes, infrared cameras can generally provide a clearer image than that of a day / night camera.

📷 Do trail surveillance cameras flash at night?

The purpose of a surveillance camera is to be invisible, moreover it emits neither sound nor light. 
If your camera is flashing the problem may be due to a connection problem or damaged cables.

📷 Is an infrared surveillance camera flashing?

An infrared camera does not flash; it is equipped with an LED emitter which allows it to record movements at night.

📷 Do surveillance cameras make noise?

A surveillance camera aims to be discreet doc it emits no purpose even when it takes pictures the flash is silent.

📷 What is a hunting camera?

To summarize as simply as possible, a hunting camera is also called a photographic trap, it is a device of variable size, which can range from 10 cm to 18 cm on the side equipped with an infrared surveillance camera (equipped with night vision hear by the), various motion sensors, a memory card or a hard drive to save photographs and video sequences as well as a 3G / 4G connection for being able to view the images in real-time from your smartphone or pc from the comfort of your own home. 
These latter functions are of course not automatically included in all hunting cameras but tend to be democratized on high-end and mid-range models. 

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