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The Top 7 Best Hunting Vests of 2021 (Buying Guide)

Going hunting involves having to carry a lot of accessories, knives, ropes and other objects that cannot be missing from your equipment, so having enough space to store everything is absolutely necessary if you want to be comfortable throughout the excursion.

The hunting clothing tends to be robust, resistant designs that are able to cope with the most extreme situations and, mostly, can come with camouflage patterns to go unnoticed by weeds, trees or another land with extensive vegetation.

Therefore, it is always convenient to have the best hunting vest, a piece that allows you to have access to the most fundamental utensils, such as the compass, the mobile, tools in general and everything you want to store in its multiple compartments.


To choose a hunting vest of the best quality, it is worth investing a few hours in studying its most outstanding characteristics, where they cannot be missing: the colour, the materials and the number of compartments.

Knowing the essential things that every durable, resistant and functional vest must-have, we can go on to look at accessories that can be just as useful, such as anchor for carabiners, special compartments for knives or pocket knives, you can even opt for a reflective vest, the which will make you more visible in low light situations.

Here are the best hunting vests:


Lixada Molle Vest for Hunting

  • High-quality oxford fabric, tear and wear-resistant to deal with a tough environment.
  • 3 pouch on the front is detachable.
  • Molle stripes on front and back, you can attach some devise or pouches on it.
  • Adjust the waist and shoulder for a personalized fit.
  • Convenient and easy put on and takedown for outdoor training, gaming.

For fans of military-looking and tactical gear, this outdoor-friendly vest will come in handy thanks to its large storage capacity.

It is a vest that has numerous pockets of different sizes, taking place to store any type of tool. On the other hand, it is quite breathable being made of a design lining of mesh that allows air and allows good transpiration.

One of the outstanding features of this vest is its lightweight, so you don’t have to carry extra kilos on clothing. Also that it is very robust and has great durability.


Pinewood Men’s Hunting Vest

  • Fits perfectly, allows plenty of room to move arms or body, never restrict movement.
  • Great for fishing, hunting, tactical and mission multipurpose, great for all seasons.
  • Exquisite workmanship, intact zippers and overall nice shape, designed in fashion style.
  • Made from top materials, lightweight and comfortable. Lots of pockets for various tools and small stuff, very functional.

If among your hunting equipment you are looking to have camouflage items , this vest could be the most indicated, being quite affordable compared to other models in the comparison.

It is a vest made with high quality materials, which make it light and very comfortable, standing out for having a lot of pockets to store various tools and small things. This vest adapts perfectly to the movement of the arms and the body, giving you freedom when performing any maneuver.

Take into account that the sizes may be smaller than the traditional ones, so we recommend going up one or two sizes above your measurements.


ProCase Tactical Vest Molle Vest

  • Premium Material: made of high-density 600D Polyester with breathable mesh combined, making the tactical vest durable enough while keeping it lightweight and comfortable
  • Versatile and Practical: design with a convenient gun holster and multiple removable pouches, hidden mesh pockets and hook-and-loop closure for storing magazine stacks, bullets, cell phone, flashlight and hydration bladder etc.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and waist belt design: shoulder strap adjust range (20.5 – 22.5 inches); waist belt adjust range (35 – 57 inches)
  • Quality Zippers and Fine Stitching: built with smooth and durable zippers for better user experience
  • Also built with a removable MOLLE webbing panel on the back of the vest for attaching more tactical gears.

Continuing with the tactical and military-style designs, we find this vest made of high-density 600D polyester, combined with a breathable mesh that make it a durable, light and comfortable option.

It is an extremely versatile and practical vest, designed with holsters for weapons and pockets specially designed to carry hidden objects.

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Its zippers stand out for their high quality, being soft and durable, they are combined with the reinforced seams of the vest to give it maximum useful life.


Beretta Trap Cotton Vest

  • Vent with elastic insert for a perfect fit on shoulders.
  • Padded cotton recoil patches.
  • Front pockets for cartridges.
  • Breathable mesh inserts at the armhole.
  • Elasticated waistband.
  • Back pocket.
  • Inner security pocket.
  • Slim fit cut

With practical front pockets that allow easy access to your ammunition, GPS, compass and other survival equipment, this hunting vest is perfect for protection, thanks to its pads designed by the same Beretta brand.

In the same way, you can find another practical pocket on the back so that you can carry everything you need with you at all times. Its manufacturing materials are polyester and cotton, making it comfortable, but with good resistance against water as it is a synthetic outer material.


Pinewood Men’s Hunting Vest

  • Strongly resistant to dirt and water.
  • Wide variety of pockets: radio and GPS pockets, antenna and cable straps, cartridge holder, interior zip pocket, large pocket on the back.
  • Particularly stiff suspension in case the material is heavy.
  • With the zipper extension, the vest can be expanded quickly, in case it has to be worn over thicker clothing in cold climates.
  • Reinforced shoulders

We know that the orange vest can be mandatory in different communities and that many hunters seek to have it in their equipment, which they can achieve with this high-end model, resistant to dirt and water.

It is a bright orange vest that will make you visible to other hunters and at the same time you will be able to pass more stealthily near animals. This vest stands out for its wide variety of pockets, in addition to its zipper system that allows its size to be expanded in the case of use with additional clothing.


Mil-Tec Moleskin Vest

  • Lightweight leisure or outdoor vest with 14 functional pockets
  • Large pocket on the back with side pockets
  • 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton
  • quilted jacket
  • Durable, cotton blend fabric cloth
  • The inner part of the back with breathable mesh fabric – stable zippers
  • Material: outer material: 80% polyester, 20% cotton Net lining: 100% polyester

With a total of 14 lightweight and functional pockets, this vest is ideal for those looking for the perfect combination of a less expensive price, a simple and very practical design.

It is a vest made of polyester and cotton, with a higher percentage of the first material, so it is quite breathable and waterproof at the same time. This also stands out for being a durable and very resistant material.

Its useful pockets located on the front of the vest make you have easy access to all your belongings.



Hunting vests there is not only a unique model on the market, instead, there are different types with characteristics that make them special for specific situations, so it is convenient to know each one of them to reach the most indicated.


This is the classic hunting model, which you can find with quite a variety among the different vest options. It is a durable option, characterized by having many compartments or pockets that will allow you to store more accessories.

As a disadvantage or negative point, they can be a bit hot or generate higher temperatures due to the materials with which they are used, since they do not seek greater breathability, but resistance to any situation.


This is a type of vest that is characterized by being lighter than the classic ones, thanks to the fact that the weight can be adjusted and transferred from the shoulders to the waist, which translates into a minimum load on your back. Generally, this type of vest comes with a matching bag in which you can carry more accessories.


As its name suggests, this type of vest has a belt in which you can load your accessories, ammunition or any tool at hand.

These are usually light vests, which means that you will have better freedom of movement with it, plus all your things will be in the same place.


Being able to choose a good hunting vest goes beyond a nice design or that it is your size. Choosing the best model for your needs will depend on taking into account a series of factors or characteristics, among which you cannot miss:


Any hunter or fan of outdoor activities knows that going without additional weight is necessary, you do not want your movements to be compromised by having enough freedom due to a poorly fitting vest or that the fabric is not flexible enough.

Think that the material of the vest should be elastic, in addition to being quite comfortable, to even wear it over or under your jacket, without affecting your movements.


Camouflage pattern fabric or fabric is not just a fashion thing. In most hunting clothes it is possible to get this pattern, which helps you to go unnoticed and in silence from situations where you could meet an animal.


As for the material, cotton and polyester may be the best choices, although it is also possible to get them in PVC, a material that provides comfort and waterproofing at the same time, even in the rainiest or most humid climates.


The portability of these vests and the correct distribution of their weight is given by their flexibility, in addition to the location of their compartments or pockets, since, for example, a bad movement due to the bad position of a pocket could affect your reflexes, so it would be your turn to say goodbye to that prey that you had been waiting for so many hours.

You need a vest that not only provides protection and comfort in the middle of the weather, but is also flexible enough to be able to move with it without it being a problem.


Hunting vests do not have to be just a winter thing, as there are models that can be used during all seasons, be they hot or cold climates.

The vests must resist abrasion, in the event that you have to crawl across the ground or difficult terrain to get to another place, so the durability and resistance of these garments cannot be compromised because they are made of a delicate fabric.


Being outdoors and in extreme situations when hunting means getting stained. Whether with puddles, mud, water, dirt or any other material, your clothes will always be susceptible to receiving a stain and taking them home as a souvenir of your excursion.

But, if you have garments that have the appropriate coating and are made of the ideal materials to cross paths where you would end up covered in mud, you will pass completely calm, without fear that the vest, pants and other equipment could end up very dirty.


Visibility is also a key factor when choosing a hunting vest, it must have some type of reflective sign that allows you to locate yourself in the middle of the dark, especially when being in a field where there will be several hunters and where everything will be of one color: green, so you don’t want to be confused with the prey.


Regarding the budget, you should not spend thousands and thousands in finding a vest that suits all your needs, since it is possible to get models from € 20 and that can reach € 100, depending of course on their manufacturing materials , compartments, elasticity and other characteristics that differentiate a high-end option from a mid-range one.


Bear in mind that vests, by themselves, are extremely useful, but that they can be equipped with a series of accessories that increase their functionality.

This type of vest can have special compartments or pockets to carry your ammunition, this way you will know that you will never run out of bullets in a time of need.

Similarly, to be able to deal with all inclement weather, it is convenient that the vest has waterproof protection, even that it has sleeves that you can install in the case of rain, as well as internal pockets where you can put the belongings that you do not want. get wet or dirty, like your mobile or your ID.


If you are new to the world of hunting, you should know that these vests not only come in a traditional color, although it is quite common to get them in brown or camouflage.

However, it is also necessary to know that shades such as bright orange can be ideal, this because animals are not able to detect such a vibrant color and it will give you some advantage against them.


If there is something that fishermen, hunters and outdoor fans have in common, it is their fascination for pockets, so it is no surprise to get vests, jackets, long pants and even shorts with a lot of them, where you can store the things that always want to have on hand.

Hunting vests are no exception and these can be found in a wide variety of designs in terms of their pockets, where choosing the appropriate amount will depend on your needs.

There are even models that allow the pocket to be removed by having a closure that detaches the piece of fabric from the rest of the pants, to be used only when necessary and without adding additional weight.



Going out hunting implies comfort in our garments or clothing, this implies pants, hunting shirts, gloves, hats, vests and everything that has a coating that helps you keep at a suitable temperature.


Depending on the country where you practice hunting, the use of orange vests may be mandatory, especially during specific seasons. 
For example, in the Community of Aragon, it is the law to wear reflective clothing, just as hunting areas must be marked. 
This may vary depending on each community.


Camouflage helps, but it is not absolutely essential when hunting, it may be more necessary in the case of hunters with bow and arrow.


If there is something that comes to mind when someone names hunting, it is these camouflage clothing that characterizes this activity so much. 
Camouflage is used so that you can blend in with the brown and green tones of nature, so that you can go more unnoticed, although this can also reduce your visibility with respect to other hunters.
Therefore, it is recommended to use the orange vest in addition to the camouflage garments.


The black color, in fact, will only make your silhouette more visible. 
Ideally, with camouflage is that it blends in with the colors of the environment and that, unlike what happens with black, it makes your silhouette invisible.

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