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The 10 Best Military Backpacks Of 2021

Military Backpacks – Buying Guide, Ranking and Tests

The military backpack remains a very popular item for budding adventurers. Even if at the base, this type of accessory is intended for soldiers, it must be admitted that it remains practical for various occasions. It allows you to bring a lot of things while keeping maximum comfort when carrying. Yet few people know how to choose a model that suits their needs. For Selighting Military Tactical Backpack , it has good resistance to rain and wears. As for the Mil-tec US Assault Pack Backpack, it has a strong and reliable seam. 

Comparision Table

<strong>Selighting Tactical Backpack</strong>

Selighting Tactical Backpack50L Backpack

<strong>US Army Assault Pack II Bag</strong>

US Army Assault Pack II BagUS Army Stled

<strong>Mil-Tec Military Army Pack</strong>

Mil-Tec Military Army Pack

<strong>Mil-Tec Assault Pack Large Tactical Black</strong>

Mil-Tec Assault Pack Large Tactical Black

<strong>Brandit Backpack Aviator 100</strong>

Brandit Backpack Aviator 100

<strong>G4Free Military Tactical Backpack</strong>

G4Free Military Tactical Backpack

<strong>BSWOME Mens Waxed Canvas Backpack</strong>

BSWOME Mens Waxed Canvas Backpack

<strong>OLEADER Tactical Military Army Backpack</strong>

OLEADER Tactical Military Army Backpack

<strong>Kombat UK Viking</strong> Backpack

Kombat UK Viking Backpack


1.Selighting Tactical Backpack Waterproof Military Hiking Bag

Selighting Tactical Backpack


  • Resistant Material: Thanks to its quality nylon construction, this product tolerates bad weather and scratches.
  • Spacious Main Compartment: The interior of this item is large enough to accommodate many items for camping, backpacking or trekking.
  • Various portage: You can vary this model as a backpack, hand or as a shoulder strap.
  • Convenient molle system: This mechanism will give you the possibility to fix brackets and combine it with other equipment.


  • Unsuitable straps: According to one user, they can hurt the shoulders. 

This military backpack meets many needs and is suitable for various opportunities. Admittedly, this article is still quite expensive if you consult a price comparison, but it is practical. It offers excellent resistance to rain so that your belongings do not get wet. 

It is also not afraid of scratches or rapid wear in use. You can use it for camping, trekking or even hiking if necessary. Its large main compartment of 50 l also gives you the possibility of putting several things at the same time. 

For the portage, it varies in several types. For example, you will turn it into a shoulder strap or handbag if you want. The molle system is just as useful, as you can combine other related equipment or media with it if necessary. Thus, you will bring additional items such as gourds.   

2.US Army Assault Pack II Bag

US Army Assault Pack II


  • Convenient Zippers: Two-way zippers provide quick and easy access to the interior.
  • Useful internal pocket: The main compartment incorporates a net used to store sensitive objects such as a Smartphone.
  • Optimized layout: Apart from the two locations, you will have two front pockets for storing your things.
  • Efficient straps: They are located at the torso and waistband for better carrying balance.
  • Padded shoulder straps: These provide additional comfort and limit fatigue.


  • Unreliable seams: They come loose after a while.

If you are looking for a practical and efficient backpack, we offer you this model. Its military and camouflaged style makes it suitable for outings or hiking in the forest. It has zippers on all locations. This will give you easier access to your stuff contained therein. 

It also has two main compartments and two front pockets. You will be able to better organize your goods. A small net is also present for fragile or digital objects. As for the straps, you will notice that there are two of them: one in the chest position and one in the belt. These influence the comfort so as not to feel an overload. 

If you’ve ever been able to compare this model to other products, this one has nice padded shoulder straps. They limit the pressure on the shoulders and considerably reduce fatigue when you have it on you.  

3.Mil-Tec Military Army Patrol Molle Assault Pack

Mil-Tec Military Army Pack


  • 100% polyester: This material is robust and strong. 
  • In addition, the PVC armature provides more protection against rain.
  • Multiple compartments: You will easily store your belongings in this product thanks to its various locations.
  • Adapted tightening: This small system will keep this satchel compressed even if you put it full.
  • Comfortable use: Manufacturers have thought to pad the fasteners well. 
  • This avoids shoulder fatigue during hikes or long walk adventures.


  • Convenient waist strap: It doesn’t seem very useful since the bag sticks to the back when you wear it.

If you are looking for a practical and efficient backpack, we offer you this model. Its military and camouflaged style makes it suitable for outings or hiking in the forest. It has zippers on all locations. This will give you easier access to your stuff contained therein. 

It also has two main compartments and two front pockets. You will be able to better organize your goods. A small net is also present for fragile or digital objects. As for the straps, you will notice that there are two of them: one in the chest position and one in the belt. These influence the comfort so as not to feel an overload. 

If you’ve ever been able to compare this model to other products, this one has nice padded shoulder straps. They limit the pressure on the shoulders and considerably reduce fatigue when you have it on you.  

4.Mil-Tec Assault Pack Large Tactical Black

Mil-Tec Assault Pack Large Tactical Black


  • Appreciable Style: People who are into nature adventures may like the military aspect of this specimen.
  • Addition of possible equipment: The molle system will allow you to put bottle hooks or a gourd on the sides.
  • Protective Lining: It will keep your sensitive items dry for low weather conditions.
  • Back pocket present: The latter will accommodate a digital device such as a GPS or a tablet if necessary.
  • Compression elements: They are used to distribute weight over the body and to avoid pressure points.


  • Chest strap missing: Would have been more practical.

For the many users who consider Mil-tec to be the best brand of military backpacks, this article remains a reference. At first glance, it displays a “tactical” style that often appeals to the most seasoned adventurers. It is also characterized by its soft system for a more pleasant use. This will allow you to add other equipment like a bottle holder on one side.

For the capacity, note that this model has a capacity of 36 l, which is generally enough to carry basic trekking things. It should be noted that this satchel is resistant to bad weather without being completely waterproof for heavy rains. 

In addition, it incorporates a protective lining. To this end, you will not have to worry about humidity during your walks in the forest or in the mountains. Also, remember that a back pocket will be used to store a digital device such as a tablet or a GPS.  

5.Brandit Backpack Aviator 100

Brandit Backpack Aviator 100


  • Large capacity: This model offers a substantial storage volume with its 100 l of space, which makes it the perfect camping equipment.
  • Comfortable carry: Back padding and attachments reduce pressure when in use.
  • Good balance: The hip belt helps to better distribute the loads of all business to the job and limits fatigue.
  • Cover included: This accessory is mainly used to protect the objects contained inside from humidity.


  • Apparent tears: The bottom of this bag may not support too heavy a load, which is not appreciable.

Where to buy the best military backpack? For those who wish to have an answer to this question, we recommend that you turn to this product. This article has a large storage capacity with its 100 l volume. 

The main compartment of this model will accommodate everything you need to go on an adventure. Thus, you will put there many camping items such as a groundsheet, stove, map or even a makeshift tent. 

On the carrying side, this equipment has a solid carrying handle above. The hooks also have adapted BAS padding with an Air Bandit system. The hip belt also promotes good balance and distributes the loads throughout the body. By purchasing this set, you will benefit from a weatherproof cover. This will prevent your goods and various objects from getting wet in the downpours.

6.G4Free Military Tactical Backpack

G4Free Military Tactical Backpack


  • Robust design: The materials used in the manufacture of this equipment give it great resistance.
  • Practical compartments: This product incorporates 5 locations to better organize storage.
  • Multiple use: This bag will be suitable for seasoned hikers as well as for adventurers of all kinds.
  • Breathable shoulder strap: The back has comfortable padding and comfortable to wear, especially during long walks in the forest.
  • Good value for money: This item is an excellent compromise between performance and lower cost.


  • Sewing defects: A user reported that there were some errors in the sewn parts.

This G4free branded military backpack was built to last. Indeed, the materials of manufacture of this equipment give it a certain robustness. Its high density fabric is also equipped with zippers with double stitching. A compression system also keeps your things in place.

This article also has 5 compartments for the storage of various objects. The back even has a dedicated space for a laptop or tablet. As a result, you can take this digital gadget with you on your trips. Remember that this model is suitable for various outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking or fishing. 

The back part also has a breathable shoulder strap that is comfortable to carry. Ventilated meshes thus allow good air circulation. On the front, you will find scratches to put some accessories. Its price is just as attractive.  

7.BSWOME Mens Waxed Canvas Backpack Leather Rucksack

BSWOME Mens Waxed Canvas Backpack


  • Vintage Style: It sports a classic design that catches the eye from the first glance and will give a stylish allure to its wearer.
  • Genuine leather: This equipment benefits from an authentic and robust manufacturing which is not afraid of various tears.
  • Multiple external pockets: These different compartments will allow you to store your belongings with ease.
  • Versatile use: This kind of bag is suitable for any type of use, whether in nature or in town.


  • Closure fasteners: According to one user , they seem quite fragile. Therefore, they may not last long.

With its manufacture in genuine leather composed of Martexin Original wax canvas, this product will accompany you everywhere. This material is also known for its strength against tears. In addition, its classic and vintage appeal will give you a chic and stylish edge on all your travels. This will already answer your doubt on how to buy a better value for money military backpack.

This item has many pockets. On the outside, you will notice that there are three slots, two on the side and one on the front. You will easily store your small objects and things. As for the interior, a large compartment is at your disposal to store your belongings. 

All your personal effects will have their own place for a better arrangement. Also, note that the straps remain adjustable for more comfort. You can use this satchel for hiking, camping, but also for urban trips to the office or to school. 

8.OLEADER Tactical Backpack Military Army Backpack for Hunting

OLEADER Tactical Military Army Backpack


  • Humanized Design: Back padding and ties promote good ventilation on this product.
  • Resistant fabric: It is not afraid of humidity and common showers so that the liquid does not get inside.
  • Useful molle system: This will give you the possibility to hang various other accessories like a cup holder or a container of mineral water.
  • Velcro present: You can put some decorative elements there such as a national flag or badges if you wish.
  • Zipped closures: They allow quick and easy access to the contents of the pockets.


  • Unattractive Design: Its aesthetic does not seem very convincing.

We all know how difficult it is to determine how to choose the best military backpacks of 2021 from the multitudes of offers. To make it easier for you, we recommend this article with a successful humanized design. Indeed, the dorsal part of this equipment has a pleasant and breathable padding. You will have a good feeling of comfort while wearing it. 

Its fabric has a certain resistance to humidity and light showers to keep your things dry. With this equipment available, you can easily optimize the storage of your items thanks to its large central compartment. 

Two front pockets will also accommodate various personal effects that will be easily accessible via closures. We do not forget to mention that this model has the famous molle system. The latter will allow you to add bottle or cup holders to the bag, which is practical.

10.Kombat UK Viking Backpack

Kombat UK Viking Backpack


  • Various pouches: This military hiking backpack incorporates a medical place, one for the radio and one for the water bottle.
  • Spacious main compartment: This location will store all your personal and necessary items for an adventure thanks to its 60 l capacity.
  • Quality straps: They are well padded. You will have one at the hip for convenience.
  • Comfortable use: The shoulder straps and belt can be easily adjusted while remaining detachable as needed.


  • No rain cover: We would have better appreciated that there was a protective cover integrated in this kit.

Do you want to own the best military backpack for your outings? In this case, there is a chance that this model will meet your expectations. This Viking Patrol item has various pockets for storing various items. It includes, among other things, a medical compartment and even for the distress radio. The interior is also quite large with a capacity of 60 l for storage. 

As for the straps, they are conveniently put on and limit pressure. Air circulation channels are also present on the back. Especially since the shoulder straps and the padded belt make it more comfortable to carry. 

These elements remain detachable if you ever find that they bother you in certain situations. And if you want, you can place a small flag or ID badge on the velcro and tactical patch. This will add a note of personalization to your gear.

Buying Guide

The military backpack remains essential equipment for going on an adventure. This type of material is as robust as it is practical to bring your belongings when going out. And if you want to acquire the most efficient model adapted to your needs, here are some criteria to consider.

Material, resistance and volume

A material of this type can be made from different materials. The most popular products consist of a strong fabric suitable for harsh environments. The quality of the coating can therefore be essential. We offer this kind of equipment if you want to have a practical and easy to use element. On the other hand, there are also articles made of leather. These offer excellent robustness to any test. So which military backpack to choose?

From a resistance point of view, we recommend materials that are not afraid of water or humidity. To this end, your personal items and belongings will not get wet in light showers. But if you want to have a good seal, equip yourself with products accompanied by a protective cover. This element will obviously serve to prevent rain from penetrating and to ensure perfect impermeability. At the same time, note that nothing beats an anti-scratch and anti-tear model. This detail will guarantee the durability of your acquisition.

If you still hesitate on where to buy a new military backpack, for the volume, remember that this equipment is available in several sizes with more or less varied capacities. To determine which specimen looks best on you, you should consider your needs. For example, if you plan to use it for trekking or backpacking, a cheap 20-35l model might be right for you. But if you like camping for a few days, we recommend items with between 50 to 100 l of storage.

Style and practicality

For the aesthetic side, you will have a wide choice since this equipment varies in several forms. For example, there are items with a classic design. These of course remain similar to the satchels that army soldiers use. On the other hand, you can turn to items with a vintage feel if you want. These seem both practical to transport different objects while offering an original style. This buying guide for the best military backpacks features a copy. 

It would also be better to have multi-use equipment available. With this in mind, we recommend products that can be used in several circumstances. Concretely, take an interest in items that are suitable for both nature and urban outings. 

Regarding the number of compartments, we offer you the elements offering at least 3 different locations. Thus, you will optimize the arrangement and storage of your belongings inside. External and internal pockets are useful for storing small items such as pens, wallets, keys and more.

If you want to bring more items, you should acquire equipment with a molle system. To put it simply, this mechanism will give you the possibility of changing or fixing other supports on the outer sides of your bag. You can place there for example a bottle holder or a thermos to put hot coffee. The presence of velcro and scratch also seems preferable to add a touch of personalization like a badge or a flag.

The closure system and comfort

To have quick access to your items, your bag must have a simple and efficient opening system. In this sense, it is better to have a satchel with zippers or zippers. This will limit confusion and you will easily have the necessary tool in your hands. Just make sure that the seams remain well-made to prevent them from coming off after a while.

Regarding the wearing comfort, this is about having equipment with a humanized design. That said, it is important that the transport of the bag in question does not hurt and that it eliminates pressure points on the body. Get a model with padding on the straps and back areas. This detail will allow good air circulation, which remains appreciable during long walks. 

If possible, the presence of ties on the hips and pectoralis also recommended. These elements are used to distribute the weight well. We invite you to consult our comparison of the best products of the moment to find the specimen that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why a military backpack for hiking?

Many fans of nature trips wonder if buying this kind of satchel is actually more advantageous than opting for a regular bag. 
This type of equipment offers a substantial storage capacity and supports a high load. 
An average model can for example contain between 30 to 50 l, which seems sufficient for small trips. 

Especially since these specimens generally have a large number of compartments to better organize personal effects inside. 
There is room to put a computer, spare clothes, digital tools like a GPS or a Smartphone.

Besides the fact that a military backpack accommodates a lot of things, it also turns out to be strong and resistant. 
Most of the items available on the market don’t mind light showers or humidity. 
This is still a plus since the objects inside will not risk getting wet. 

In terms of comfort, the design of this kind of material allows good air circulation. The back part and the straps have suitable padding and avoid pressure points. 
As a result, you will feel less fatigue when carrying while having a certain convenience in use.

Q2: How to organize your military backpack for an outing in the countryside?

These few tips will help you better organize the storage of your equipment during your trips. 
We recommend that you first place heavy objects and items (binoculars, radio, knife) in the middle. 
This technique remains appreciated by the most experienced hikers since it will allow to distribute the loads well. 
It will then be necessary to surround these cases with lighter personal effects. 
For example, you will have your spare clothes, plan, map around as if to contain them.
In general, digital objects such as a tablet or a Smartphone have specific small compartments. 
Place them in these locations and avoid overlapping screens so you don’t get scratches. 
For gourds and bottles, it is best to put them on the side sides of your gear and outside if possible. 
Therefore, you do not risk accidentally spilling water on your belongings, especially during long walks in the mountains.

Q3: How to maintain a military backpack?

To keep your accessory as it is, you must always take care of it. 
One of the most effective ways is to wash it occasionally. 
Over time, your equipment gets dirty because you take it into the wilderness. 
We advise you to empty it completely and clean it properly. 
If it goes through the machine, the operation will prove to be easy to perform. 
On the other hand, if it has to be done manually, you should ensure that all parts are handled correctly. 
You can use a brush and soapy water.
To do this, put the bag in a bowl or large bucket and wet your equipment thoroughly. 
Then rub hard enough to remove the stains and grime that makes it dirty. 
Do not forget to wash its interior for a satisfactory result. 
Finally, rinse thoroughly and dry in the sun.  

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