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The Best Walkie Talkies of 2021 – Buying Guide

After a 12 hour study among 23 models, we have decided that the Midland G9 Pro is the best walkie talkie for hunting.
It stands out for its increased performance and very successful features. In addition to offering excellent autonomy, the American brand wanted to take care of the screen and the audio. For children or amateur use, we rather recommend the Floureon FC200 with an excellent quality / low price ratio.

<strong>Midland G9 Pro</strong>

Midland G9 Pro Top Pick

  • This model is ideal for hunting professionals
  • It has a large screen and transmits both high and low power.
Floureon FC200

Floureon FC200Best Cheap Walkie Talkie

  • Easy to use and handle
  • it is still equipped with several useful functions such as the VOX or Dual-Band system
<strong>Baofeng UV-5R</strong>

Baofeng UV-5RBest Mid-Range

  • It is ideal for hunters and athletes wishing to communicate in an emergency thanks to a specific alert without spending too much.
Motorola T82 Extreme

Motorola T82 ExtremeHigh-end Alternative

  • Its functions make it more suitable for professionals and adventurers

Our Pick: Midland G9 Pro

Top Pick
Midland Walkie-Talkie G9 Pro Black

Midland G9 Pro

With functionality and performance pushed to its maximum, this model is ideal for hunting professionals. 
It has a large screen and transmits both high and low power.

This is the most advanced device in our selection in terms of performance with eight frequency bands and 38 CTCSS. Its resistant components allow excellent signal capture. It comes with a maximum battery life of 36 hours and more advanced features such as the ability to make emergency calls. 

The G9 Pro succeeds the G9 Plus , from which it takes up the main qualities by making some improvements. As its name suggests, it is aimed at the professional world and is especially popular with hunters.

This model measures 6.4 x 12.6 x 3.6 cm for a weight of 157 g. Despite this bulk, it remains classic and easy to handle.

But it is above all at the level of its performance that it shines: it includes eight PMR446 frequency bands ranging from 446 to 446.2 MHz, to total 38 CTCSS (Continuous Tone Code Squelch System), 104 DCS (Digital Cellular System) ) and 69 LPD (Low Power Device). These are confidential codes.

This dual-band device is equipped with a double PTT button transmitting in high and low power. Like most of its competitors, it has VOX and Scan functions as well as five call tones. From now on, the brand opts for vibrations as well as for the possibility of making emergency calls via the “EMG +” key.

Compared to its predecessor, it has a large LCD screen 30% larger with audio also reinforced by 30%. Its IPX4 certification gives it resistance to humidity and bad weather conditions.

It works with four rechargeable AA batteries or an 1800 mAh NiMH battery ensuring a good autonomy of 12 to 36 hours.

Its large antenna guarantees a long range, ranging from 5 km up to a maximum of 10 km in open fields.

On the other hand, a point is raised repeatedly by several users reproaching the absence of headsets supplied with the delivery of the walkie-talkie. 

The best cheap walkie talkie: Floureon FC200

Best Cheap Walkie Talkie
FLOUREON Two Way Radio Long Range Walky Talky

Floureon FC200

Offering the best quality / low price ratio, this model is intended for children. 
Easy to use and handle, it is still equipped with several useful functions such as the VOX or Dual-Band system.

These devices are among those with a competitive price while being complete. Between their refined ergonomics and their different functions, they are perfect for a first familiarization. Lightweight and compact, they are easy to handle. They use 16 channels and 121 private codes with a frequency of up to 446 MHz. 

The FC200 are above all products designed and developed for children.

They look like a toy, but you can also use them in a less playful setting. They are suitable for just about any outdoor activity that does not require an overly advanced system.

Each of them is light and quite compact, making them easy to pick up. 

There are 16 communication channels and 121 privacy codes on a 446 MHz frequency, adjustable simply with a simple button on the center of the device. The automatic scanning of the various channels in question facilitates these adjustments. 

The bi-channel possibility, allows to communicate with other people on several different channels. As for the VOX system, it offers hands-free use. 

Other ergonomic features include automatic silent mode, delay timer system, low battery alert, free call, ten ringing tones and more.

The backlit LCD screen is doubled as a flashlight for nighttime situations. You can follow the state of the battery, the channels as well as all the indications and practical settings present. 

This model can be activated in two ways, either by placing three traditional AA batteries or via rechargeable AA batteries that provide 16 hours of battery life. However, the manufacturer does not provide the batteries for free.

It also tells us a theoretical range of 3 to 5 km, but it seems that in practice, this is reduced to a few hundred meters (especially for use in urban areas).

But it is obviously more extensive on flat surfaces, without too much interference and in mountainous environments for seasoned hikers, it works perfectly.

Best mid-range walkie talkie: Baofeng UV-5R

Best Mid-Range

Baofeng UV-5R

It promises coded and clear communication with its two-band system. 
It is ideal for hunters and athletes wishing to communicate in an emergency thanks to a specific alert without spending too much.

This walkie talkie displays excellent coding and frequency capabilities to deliver secret and precise conversations. It has emergency functions in the event of a problem and includes a dual band system. There are many modes to improve its ergonomics and promote better exchange. Finally, it is approved by the European body.

This model comes in a compact appearance. It is more intended for amateurs of outdoor courses or hunting looking for a first radio. 

Once in hand, it is easy to wear and can be attached to the belt via its clip. However, it is difficult to grasp, so take the time to familiarize yourself with it.

It has a frequency range of 65 MHz to 108 MHz with ANI and DTMF encodings for tricky situations. When it comes to privacy and clarity of conversations, it includes 128 channels, 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS codes. 

The practicality of this gadget is that it does not require any telephone subscription to operate. It includes a Dual Band system, which is appreciable for its price. Moreover, it can receive on the VHF and UHF bands.

In terms of functionality, there is a built-in clock and an LED lamp. An economy mode is also available. You can adjust the frequency. In addition, you benefit from the VOX function and the emergency alert option.

It is equipped with a large blue backlit LCD screen from which you choose the mode and monitor the frequencies. The output power is up to 4 W.

Powered by a 3800 mAh battery, this transmitter-transmitter has an autonomy of up to 24 hours. If you settle for less, you can also use the conventional lithium battery.

Compliant with CE, FCC and RoHS standards, it is compatible with multiple antennas, allowing its capacity to be extended even further. The range is not indicated by the manufacturer, but it makes a good impression on this point of view with the users.

A high-end alternative: Motorola T82 Extreme

High End Alternative
Motorola T82 Extreme

Motorola T82 Extreme

With a range of 10 km, we like its ability to easily pair with another walkie-talkie for group calls. 
Its functions make it more suitable for professionals and adventurers.

Very handy, this top-of-the-range device benefits from increased resistance to external conditions and shocks. Its range is up to 10 km. With its 16 channels and 121 private codes, it promises a good transfer. It includes an LED lamp, an emergency button, a screen with good readability and guarantees frequency scanning. 

The Motorola T82 Extreme is intended for adult adventurers and professionals operating in an outdoor environment. Its resistance to shocks and bad weather represents a real plus for its target audience.

The pair of walkie talkies is 17.8 x 5.7 x 3.7 cm for 197 g. It has a rather ergonomic design allowing it to be transported everywhere without problem even if the whole is a little heavy.

Like most of its competitors, it features 16 channels and 121 private codes for clear and intimate communication. 

This model has most of the features known in the mid-range with a few additional possibilities. You will find the functions of frequency scanning, monitoring of weak signals, an LED lamp and an emergency button, like everywhere else, or almost.

The screen is of good quality, close to what is done in smartphones. It offers a discreet display and limits energy consumption.

It charges either with two traditional AA batteries or with the rechargeable NiMH batteries included in the delivery. Everything can be connected to USB thanks to the cable / adapter also sold with the device.

This promises a nice battery life of 18 hours (under normal conditions of use), and even 26 hours if you buy NiMH 1300 (the default batteries are 800 mAH).

In terms of range, Motorola promises 10 km distance, but further indicates that it depends greatly on surrounding conditions and terrain.

We also like its ability to easily pair with another walkie talkie for group calls. These are simple to learn and do not require an insane number of external adjustments that can depend too easily on external conditions.

How did we make our choice?

Walkie talkies seem to have disappeared a bit in recent years, especially with the evolution of cell phones. But they remain the most reliable solution for communicating in the middle of the forest or in areas with random network coverage.

To help you make the right choice for your lifestyle, here is a buying guide outlining the main criteria to take into account:

  • Handling : this element is influenced by the size and weight of the device. Generally, prefer lightness and compactness so as to guarantee a good grip. If it is intended for a child, make sure that they can grasp it with ease and understand how it works. Moreover, the more you go up in price, the more complex the use becomes.
  • Capture quality : performance in terms of listening quality revolves around the number of communication channels, private codes and the frequency of the model. The higher these values, the better the transmission and the greater the range. Some environments are particularly susceptible to interference, but better components are able to counter it. The double TT button transmits in high and low power.
  • Features: several functions can be found within the same walkie-talkie. The roger beep announces with an audible noise the end of each speech and facilitates the exchange. Other features such as the LCD screen or the LED lighting lamp are welcome. The presence of a VOX button provides hands-free use. The Scan automatically searches for channels. Finally, the use of a dual channel allows a dialogue with two people at the same time. Emergency calls are also a common option.
  • Recharging and autonomy : there are products sold without batteries included. Traditional alkaline batteries are not the most practical and economical. Fortunately, most machines use Lithium batteries which charge via USB (which is, in our opinion, the best possibility). Some give you the choice between traditional or rechargeable batteries . As for autonomy, it must be able to cover the duration of your journey. Ideally, it should exceed the 12 hour resistance.
  • Resistance : this partly ensures the versatility of the model. Several are certified with a protection index. The PI is made up of two digits: one that indicates the level of protection against solid particles like sand and dust (from 0 to 6) and a second that communicates water resistance (from 0 to 9). It is also necessary to check the robustness to counter violent shocks.

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